July 20, 2024

‘Blue is the new black’… For approximately 2 to 3 years now, we’ve seen many watches launched with a blue dial, watches from every brand, every price range and for every use. Blue is indeed a big trend (we’re not complaining) but this colour doesn’t fit every timepieces. However, there is one that we know to be superb with this tint: the Vacheron Constantin Overseas – as seen with the chronograph edition. Now Vacheron Constantin comes with limited editions of the Overseas Time-Date and Dual-Time with this same blue dial. 

The Vacheron Constantin Overseas is one of the few watches that can properly be called a high-end sports watch, meaning a timepiece that combine a real sporty feeling and strong aesthetics with a luxurious finish, a high-end movement and the capability to be worn also with a suit and tie. The Overseas was launched in 1996, with a strong design that showed a bezel shaped like the Maltese cross, the emblem of the brand. The Vacheron Constantin Overseas more or less originates from the legendary Vacheron Constantin 222 (as we showed you in our previous article here), a watch born in 1977 and designed by the father of the sports luxury watch, the famous Gerald Genta. Without directly replacing it, the Overseas collection fills the gap after the stop of the collectible 222.

Vacheron Constantin Overseas Blue Dial Dual Time - 1

The Vacheron Constantin Overseas exists in several tastes and with several complications. However, whatever your choice, it always comes with this recognizable 42mm case with integrated lugs and the Maltese cross shaped bezel. The collection includes a superb Chronograph Perpetual Calendar, a simple chronograph, a Dual-Time and a simple Time-Date. This year, Vahceron Constantin chose to edit the two last ones into limited editions showing an UltraMarine Blue dial, just like the chronograph we reviewed (even if we cannot be sure that the blue used in the Limited Editions is the exact same as in the chronograph). This colour can also be found in the strap, as these UltraMarine Blue editions of the Overseas feature a choice of two straps (both included with the watch): a blue rubber and a blue Mississippiensis alligator leather strap, both mounted on a stainless steel triple blade folding clasp.

Vacheron Constantin Overseas Blue Dial Dual Time - 4

This UltraMarine Blue limited editions concern two watches of the collection. The first one is the Dual-Time. It features a rather complicated movement that displayed the hours, minutes and seconds on the central axis, plus a power reserve indicator (at 9), the date in a sub-dial (at 2) and a second time-zone (at 6) with a small day/night indicator on the left. It comes with the Calibre 1222, a nicely finished movement that allows a quick change of the second time zone via a pusher at 2.

The second edition with an UltraMarine Blue dial is based on the simple but plain Automatic Time-Date Overseas. It displays the hours, minutes and seconds on the central axis and a discreet date in an aperture at 4:30, thanks to its slim movement (3.25mm), the calibre 1226.

Vacheron Constantin Overseas Blue Dial Dual Time - 3

Both are sharing the same stainless steel case and the same hands and applied hour-markers in 18K gold, filled with luminous material. They are water-resistant up to 150 meters thanks to a screwed crown and a solid screwed case-back, stamped with the “Overseas” medallion. The movement is not showed for another reason (as written on the dial): the Overseas watches are antimagnetic thanks to an iron cage that protects the movement.

The two editions (Time-Date and Dual-Time) are using the same base caliber. Thanks to the absence of an extra module, the Time-Date edition remains slim at only 9.7mm (while the Dual-Time measures 12.45mm, explained by the dual time module added on the top of the movement). Both editions boast 40 hours of power reserve.

The Vacheron Constantin Overseas Automatic (Time-Date) with UltraMarine Blue dial will be available in 350 pieces and priced at 13.500 Euros. The Vacheron Constantin Overseas Dual-TIme with UltraMarine Blue dial will be available in 300 pieces and priced at 19.000 Euros.

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