May 26, 2024

Erotic scenes are a long-standing tradition in the watch industry. Ulysse Nardin is known for continuing this tradition with several references in their collection depicting classy but sexy scenes. There are also other features that Ulysse Nardin is known for, like Jaquemarts (some sort of automatons that can also be found in the ultra-complicated Hannibal Minute Repeater Tourbillon) and chiming watches. The new Ulysse Nardin Hourstriker Erotica Jarretiere mixes these 3 features for a complicated erotic watch.

Ulysse Nardin Hourstriker Erotica Jarretiere - 1

This watch will certainly not be to everybody’s tastes. It requires some audaciousness to be able to sport on your wrist a watch with an erotic scene. However, for those who will dare it, Ulysse Nardin introduces here an elegant and highly complicated timepiece that features 2 of the most traditional and hard to achieve complications: automatons and a strike of the hours and half hours. The self-winding movement (calibre UN 611) comprises a mechanism that automatically strikes the hours and half hours while the engraved characters on the dial move (some automatons called Jaquemarts). This mechanism can also be activated on request while pressing the pusher at 4 or fully deactivated by simply pressing the pusher at 2 (an indicator on the dial will tell you if the striking / automatons mechanisms are engaged or not). The movement boasts 42 hours of power reserve.

Ulysse Nardin Hourstriker Erotica Jarretiere - 4

The black onyx dial reveals a typical Venetian décor. The handcrafted miniature painting in white is contrasting on the glossy pitch black dial while the the balcony on the bottom of the dial and the two characters (that are animated of course) are engraved in solid gold (white gold on the platinum edition and rose gold on the rose gold edition). Behind the chaise is an exterior view of the iconic Rialto Bridge arching majestically over Venice’s Grand Canal. The Ulysse Nardin Hourstriker Erotica Jarretiere comes with the brand’s classical case, with the two-step lugs and a 42mm diameter.

Ulysse Nardin Hourstriker Erotica Jarretiere - 2

The Ulysse Nardin Hourstriker Erotica Jarretiere is available in a limited run of 28 pieces the 18k rose gold edition and 28 pieces for the 950 platinum edition. Both are delivered on a black alligator strap with a folding clasp matching the case. Price upon request. More to read on

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