May 23, 2024

Hublot lovers…here is one more reason to visit Japan. The luxury watch brand has opened its latest boutique in Osaka, Japan. The 77th directly-operated luxury boutique, counting all Hublot boutiques in the world, opened its doors to the public on May 14.

Hublot Boutique Japan Osaka

Covering two storeys, the boutique is spaciously designed with large black colour “H” brand monograms all over the outside walls. Glittering in contrasting white colour, the HUBLOT eye-catching logo stands out and is noticeable even from a distance.

Hublot Boutique Osaka Japan

Inside, against the chic backdrop of the new Osaka boutique, exclusive watch models form part of an assortment not to be found elsewhere in Japan, besides Hublot’s Ginza boutique. The interior design of the new Osaka boutique is sophisticated, where once again the brand’s “H” monograms are present in fixtures, in mixing monotones of black, white and grey. In total contrast, the walls are adorned with colourful pop art of Hublot watches. “The Art of Fusion” which is Hublot’s brand concept is at full play here.

Hublot Boutique Osaka Japan 2015

For an exclusive interactive brand experience, the VIP room on the second floor is where relaxed time can be spent while going through the numerous innovative new collections.

Hublot Boutique Osaka Opening Ceremony With Shido Nakamura And Jean Claude Biver 2015

Film actor Shido Nakamura, also renowned for his roles in Japanese classical theatre of dance-drama known as Kabuki, was the special guest present at the grand opening. Jean-Claude Biver who is chairman of Hublot and President of the entire watch division of the LVMH luxury group, flew in from Switzerland especially for the event.

Hublot Boutique Osaka Opening Ceremony With Kagami Biraki Shido Nakamura and jean claude biver

In Japanese tradition, the two used a wooden mallet to break the lid of a sake barrel, a ceremony known as kagami-biraki that symbolizes an opening to good fortune. “Opening the Mirror” would be the literal translation of kagami-biraki.

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