July 19, 2024

This watch might not be for everybody’s taste, no doubt about it. However, we have to recognize a real strong and bold design, unique on its own – something even more surprising from a large brand, owned by the largest group of the Swiss watchmaking industry, Swatch. Already an impressive watch in its classical edition, Harry Winston transforms the Ocean into an even bolder creation with a unique piece exhibiting the brand’s signature colour and a newly design dial. Here is the Unique Harry Winston Ocean Dual Time Retrograde for Only Watch 2015.

Harry Winston Ocean Dual Time Retrograde Unique Only Watch 2015 - 4

The Ocean is Harry Winston’s vision of a sports watch – a massive, bulky and sporty luxury timepiece that can easily compete in the race for very masculine watches. The 44.2mm case (here made of 18k white gold) shows one of the typical features of the brand, meaning 3 protrusions next to the crown. This radical timepiece is usually coming in monochromatic schemes (see the previous edition here) but for Only Watch 2015, Harry Winston features its signature colour on all parts, a bright and vivid blue – both for the strap and some parts of the dial.

Harry Winston Ocean Dual Time Retrograde Unique Only Watch 2015 - 3

Alongside this anodized blue finish applied on parts of the dial, Harry Winston also changes the face itself of the Ocean Dual Time retrograde, as the Only Watch 2015 edition is fitted with a partially skeletonized hour and minute dial, made in sapphire crystal, that now allows a in-depth view into the movement. The inspiration for the dial is the Shuriken four-point star. This sub-dial indicates the home time. The local time is displayed by a large 3D retrograde hour that runs on the left side. The Harry Winston Ocean Dual Time Retrograde also features a day/night indicator, located beneath the excentered home-time sub-dial – depending on the moment on the day, it will show a sun (for daytime) or a moon (for nighttime). It also features a date at 5.

Harry Winston Ocean Dual Time Retrograde Unique Only Watch 2015 - 2

This highly complicated display is driven by a lovely finished movement with a 18k white gold skeletonized rotor. This self-winding calibre features a silicon balance spring, comprises 281 parts and 32 jewels and boasts a 45-hour power reserve. The caseback is engraved “Only Watch 2015 Unique Piece” to highlight its rarity.

This unique Harry Winston Ocean Dual Time Retrograde (and 42 other unique watches) will be auctioned on 7 November 2015 in Geneva by Phillips Watches to help raise funds towards research on Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. More to read on this page.

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