July 25, 2024

Got a phone call from AP today telling me my 300 is ready to be picked up! Here she is!!! My beloved 15300. I have to say her ratio & proportion is 2nd to none in my book!!! Definitely a pleasure to wear anytime & anywhere!!! 

This message has been edited by exigesc on 2015-06-02 05:54:51 No message bodyNo message bodyIt’s certainly more robust than the Jumbo, which offers an entirely different feel on the wrist.
I am a very big fan of this reference.  Congratulations!Very true Michael!! Even though it looks very similar to the Jumbo, but it is a much more robust watch!! perhaps it’s due to the thicker case & bezel!! Really give different feelings on wrist!!! Not to mention the well balance proportions. It is an absolute achievement!!! smileNo message bodyI have a 15300 too.  I am wondering what you had done and if you were pleased with the work and service experience?
My 15300 is a pretty inconsistent timekeeper. Sometimes it runs perfectly within COSC, and sometimes its 45 seconds fast per day.Also, I am wondering if they cleaned up any fine scratches on your bezel?
Looks great.Hi there! I brought her in for a long overdue regular maintenance service. She had a stop & go issue before. The watch would run beautifully for 2 days & suddenly stop running. The evaluation from AP was to recommend a regular maintenance. 
As for your watch sometimes running faster & slower, I think it can be caused by many things. I m not an expert on this but I had heard of a rose gold 15300 running few hours late. It was caused by magnetization. Time deviation of watches sometimes can be caused by that. It should be an easy fix! Many watch repair shops have machine to do demagnetization. Try to keep your watches away from TV, Speaker, iPad, the you should be fine! 
As for minor scratches, I think only if you agree to authorize AP service center to polish your watch in the evaluation, otherwise they will not fix for you. Of course, the cost is quite high for the service ( both maintenance & polish) but it does have a 2 year warranty & the quality is top notch from the one from here. Hope this can help you a bit!!! 

The 15300 has perfect proportions, which have been lost somewhat on the 15400

Enjoy your beautiful AP…the 15300 has become a classic IMO



No message bodyI think it’s versatile, robust, and the perfect size to wear regularly.  Enjoy having your baby back from service!