May 26, 2024

For those who do not know, I have worked as a residential designer for almost 20 years.  I also own an architectural stone company for almost 4 years now, which has become a true passion for me.
Designers are always looking for inspiration, and I won’t deny that I never forget about my favorite brand, Audemars Piguet.
I have shown you before the Royal Oak tree rings:

And the Royal Oak stepping stones:

I used a different inspiration for a recent project I completed.  In 2013, I had the pleasure to visit AP’s flagship boutique in Geneva.  Ordinarily, I do not dally outside much as I am so eager to see the treasures on the inside smile  But I was absolutely struck by the gorgeous balcony over the front door, and specifically the the beautiful corbels and stone work.

I worked on an exceptional new home outside of Denver and provided 5 fireplace surrounds and a kitchen range hood.  This particular client was very specific about what he wanted for most of the pieces, but was unsure of how he wanted the hearth room fireplace to look.  After discussing some ideas, I knew right away what I wanted to design for him.
I presented the concept sketch and the client immediately loved it.  “The corbels on the legs are awesome!”  That was the initial comment, and I knew we had a winner.
Naturally, I discussed my trip to Switzerland and the AP Boutique.  This conversation turned to watches, and I shared a great deal of information about AP.

So for me, Audemars Piguet is always much more than just the watch I am wearing.  It is really a part of my life, and one I embrace as much as possible.

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Thank you for sharing.


Hi Michael,

Some great work here!  Great to see where some of the design inspirations are drawn from.  The legacy of the iconic RO 8-membered rings design will long live. 

Well done, indeed! smile    



It is cast and I want stone.  Now I know what I want.  Hint, hint.
That is a work of art.