April 16, 2024

From France, northern Italy, Croatia, South California… Associating nice moments with a nice Watch is an exquisite pleasure.


NicolasI prefer the one with the ‘Goliath’ and the other with your Sunglasses! Where were they taken and what kind of glasses is that?
This message has been edited by amanico on 2015-05-01 00:53:11  I have just bought my second Persol for me in Rome, both we have a good taste, I think…
When Italy, than try this:

it is a 372, on a very, very special strap…

that gave me the inspiration to acquire my 5402.
Great pictures!
Best, Kari
After all these countries……. this one, under the ever blue sky of Down Underwink


Cheers my friendFrancois

1st step: pack a suitcase2nd step: go to CDG airport3rd step: hop in a plane going to Australia
You see, very easywink


Nicolas.The accommodation and a nice welcoming drink would be complimentarywink
C U soon!

No message bodywhere I prefer the “re-edition” to the original, it must be this. The 15202 is the winner for me only because of the matching color on the date wheel. Other than that the 5402 is perfect!
Cheers to you and yours,

No message body This message has been edited by amanico on 2015-05-01 01:51:54 No message bodyNo message bodyTherefore, I expect 2 new shots soon, my friend.
smileNo message bodyis my favorite by far…go figuresmile Has it been that long????AhSincerelyDNo message bodyGlad you are able to enjoyer special AP.
Best,JerryWNo message body