April 16, 2024

my wife took a photograph of her watch and whatsapped it to me!

Now I realize that if the peony leaves did not fall on the watch over night I would have never witnessed something like this, but I am still smiling. Watch Nerd that I am. 

The wife sends a great photo to her husband that she knows he will like.  A loving gesture.
Now, 2 AP addicts in the same house?  That could get very expensive!
Thanks for the post Arie.but I’m lucky she doesn’t like to change watches & jewelry much so she mostly wears the same stuff. Her other watch is a Rolex Datejust. I figured let’s give her a daily beater and (later on) a nice dress watch…. The downside of the not wanting to switch is that the AP is being used as her daily beater because she likes that one most (she does has a nice taste). I will not post close ups of the watch it’s case because we will not like the sight of that :-/ 
On the other hand; the watch is being used to the fullest so; so be it.

   How wonderful she enjoys it so.  Too many collectors don’t get the same enjoyment I’m afraid. Watches should be worn. Always a good thing when using it to the fullest!!!! The most important part is your wife enjoy it so much & willing to use it on a daily basis!!! This is how all AP watches meant to be worn!!!! Some say nicks & dings add character to the watch!!! My Diver has lots of that!!! smile As Michael said, there is always the reliable AP spa!!! Great picture, great watch & thanks for sharing!!! 
CheersI would rather enjoy and not worry about it.   Michael is correct, when really beat up the AP spa will make it look better than new.
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