July 21, 2024

Very pleased to share with friends here on my new incoming! My 6th AP, freshly out from AP Singapore Boutique, I must say that both the watch and boutique services are top notch. I couldn’t have asked for more from my favourite watch house!

I’ve considered the Ceramic Diver for quite a while before pulling the trigger. It is my first AP with an in-house 3120 movement… Diver is the first-of-its-kind modern AP with 300m water resistance and a rotating bezel feature… It is also my first all-black watch with some orange content on the dial which is quite related to my forum nickname! biggrin 

The finishing of the black ceramic case and bezel is indeed second to none IMO. The trademark vertical brushed lines complete the authentic look of the Royal Oak. The chunky watch is pretty light due to its Ceramic/Titanium material combo. It wears very comfortably on my wrist I can wear it whole day. The titanium display case back allows a full view of the in-house automatic movement with the beautiful gold rotor.

Being “boutique exclusive”, it makes it an easy choice to purchase directly from the boutique as the stock is more readily available. With the prospect of discontinuation looming, I’m pleased that this purchase from the boutique came timely as the warranty is extended to 5 years instead of the usual 2+1 years. It certainly gives me a lot of confidence to use the watch the way it is designed for, and I hope to share my user experience some time later.

Thanks for sharing my joy! smile

No message bodyAvery nice catch, wear it in the best of health smile

Cheers, Mark
No message bodyHuge congratulations on this one.  I have considered this piece too.  If I could make a subtle change I would take everything orange and make it white or blue & white, but that is not a huge deal.  You still get the full AP ceramic case and that is special.
Happy to see you back on board with a new AP.  Definitely a special feeling.No message body
movement are beautiful.
This is a nice desk diving watch. Every diver knows that red and orange are the first colours that disappear in depths. I do not remember by heart but at about 10 meters the colours are gone. I have seen i.e. Richard Mille making the same mistake earlier.
Anyhow, on surface a very beautiful watch!
Best, KariFrom physic’s perspective: Is it the blue/green of the sea that equalises the red spectrum? Or just experience?
Red colour is “filtered” nearly totally in 5 meters and totally in about 6 meters. Orange disappears next and by 10 meters it’s nearly gone and just after 12 meters totally lost.
The best colour underwater is blue. It can be fully separated in 40 meters (the practical limit of scuba diving) and green is visible fully till about 30 meters and still can be partly separated to 40 meters.
I think manufacturers making i.e. the minute hand of a diving watch in red or orange, are really joking.
Naturally, during the diving training we tested how different colours behave and i.e. a red small balloon lost all of its colour in 40 meters. In practical terms this means that a watch with red/orange minute hand and minute scale is not really well readable in normal scuba diving depths. While i.e. Rolex diving watches work very well – likewise BB Fifty Fathoms.
Best, KariNo message bodyNo message body
First off, congratulations!  I’m a big fan of this watch and it is my preferred variant of the AP RO Diver.
The ceramic finishing in particular is lovely and in theory it should be looking just as fresh in five years as it does today.  Wear it in good health!
Now a thought, riffing off MichaelC and Kari’s posts:
I’m not a diver and I really don’t need a diving watch.  I don’t have a thing for chronographs either.  And that has taken me out of the market for ROOs.  But I’d love a simple sports RO.
How about a sporty, ceramic, non-diving ROO?  No need for a diving bezel or orange (or yellow) highlights.  Just effectively a sportier, slightly larger, ceramic version of the new 15202, on a rubber strap.  I bet the market for this would be massive.
The funny thing is that AP has introduced something not far off what I’m talking about – the Royal Oak Offshore Quartz for ladies.  All we need to do is change the case  material, get rid of the diamonds in the bezel, put in a mechanical movement, and upsize the whole thing from 37mm to, say, 40mm.  
Visually, the trick will then be to design in another colour for the dial so the whole thing isn’t just black case, black dial, black strap – I’m not sure what the answer is here.  Grey dial maybe?  Light blue?  Hmmm.
E.your pictures really show off the incredible finishing on the ceramic bezel and case.  I especially like the brushed ceramic finish which your pics. nicely captured.No message bodyThanks for the nice pictures!