June 19, 2024

Will have to sell a kidney now, but I’m so glad I kept it! It would have been a very bad decision. And guess who saved me? My wife. She called me a fool when I came home with the brand new Day Date 40 telling her part of the deal was to let the 15202st go. So it took me only 1 nanosecond to come up with the line: “ok I will keep it!”.

They stop us from making mistakes we will regretNo message bodyYou wife made a great call. I love the AP a six so much class.
BillSo I’m still the one with the pants on ;-)No message bodyMy 15202 has cemented my belief that the Royal Oak is the greatest watch in the world.  I could not live without one.Now that’s a statement! Would be a nice thread on HoMe. I’m sure it would provoke a reply or two….

But I must at least agree with you that the wearing comfort of the 15202ST is the best of all my watches. That’s got all to do with the size. Thin. 39 mm. Light. The bracelet is also superb (apart from the fact that you have to add links in summer and vice versa in winter).

Design wise enough has been said. It’s a beauty.

A bit loose on the wrist – but the dog may think otherwise?
I think that you still went for the Day Date 40. Mine is also in Pt but with baguette diamonds for the indexes, none on the bezel – and no lume. The cross-hatching or diagonal lines are gone and the ice-blue has become a slightly paler fume (no rhyme intended). Nothing to distract from reading off the time, especially when viewing the Cyclops from an offset angle where huge caros are likely to occur. Maybe that one is more for you?
But your AP has it all over most of their offerings, including the PP Nautilus in blue, as far as I am concerned.

A wrist isn’t. It’s still on summer length, but the weather has been a bit colder than usual over here… Nevertheless this is one watch that’s hard to fault in any way.

Indeed I got the DD40. Couldn’t leave it now that Rolex finally made it in the correct size. And that ice blue diagonal motif dial is just too cool for school. The moment I saw it @ Basel I was sold. Too bad cause it blew a large hole in the watch buying budget…. In essence its way too expensive. But it’s such a looker.

About the Nautilus: if you talk base model I agree. But a Nautilus Chronograph is a though cookie to crumble.Gorgeous watch


JoeWith the stunning blue face.
Enjoy.JerryWthis version in rose gold is also quite stunning, but less wearable I guess…