April 15, 2024

Just wanted to share my grail. First saw it in AP ginza boutique last May 2014 and finally got it April 2015 at AP ginza boutique as well. Was it fate or destiny? Or both? [emoji16]. I had to let go of 2 pieces just to be able to acquire this, namely batman and a steel daytona. Would you have done the same thing? Let me know some of your thoughts guys. Thanks for looking.

I also fitted it with an oem blue rubber strap in short length for better fit and comfort as i have a very small wrist.

You wouldn’t have sold grails for this one. So…




Yes, I would make that trade all day long.  Like Nicolas says, as long as you are pleased with it, this is most important.
Years ago I owned a few more watches than I do now, but I am absolutely a less is more collector.  Even with only a few pieces, it is hard to wear them all when you love each one so much!
Please keep us posted on your experiences with this watch. This message has been edited by MichaelC on 2015-04-21 08:12:27