May 23, 2024

I told you that yesterday was a Millenary day!

And this day went beyond my expectations.

I don’t speak about the watch because the people who attended the SIHH already discovered the new Ladies Millenary collection made of 3 watches which are really beautiful. I’m a Millenary 4101 owner so it was not very difficult for me to be convinced that a Ladies version would be great. As you know, the main surprise of this watch is its handwind movement. Obviously, thanks to its 4,16mm height, the new 5201 movement can be housed in a case which thickness is smaller than 10mm while the Millenary 4101 reaches 13mm. But the question is to know if ladies will be seduced by a handwind watch.

I do believe that the answer would be yes. For several reasons.

First of all, this new Millenary is a beauty. The Oval shape is consistent with the history of the brand who created several Ellipse watches for Ladies in the past. Actually the Millenary can be considered as a blend of an elliptic  design, a jewelry decoration and a skeletonized approach. Despite its slender case, the new Ladies Millenary offers a very nice feeling of depth which takes advantage of the presence of the balance wheel on the front side.

Secondly, the Millenary is a time only watch. So it doesn’t take a lot of time to wind it and to set the time. It is not a problem even if you change very often the watch you wear.

And finally… due to its design, its refined and original style, it can be considered as a fashion accessory even if it remains flawless as a daily watch.

The PG version on the left, the WG version on the right. Both watches feature 116 diamonds.

This WG version offers a spectacular set dial. The overall number of diamonds is 574. I really love this version because despite the large set parts, I didn’t feel a too heavy presence of these diamonds. Look at the way they play with the Roman numerals. The watch remains subtle and refined. A very impressive achievement.

The case size is 32,74 x 28,59mm. These dimensions may appear to be small but don’t forget the oval shape! As usual, a non-round watch is always visually speaking bigger than a similar round one. And it is also the same feeling here. The new Ladies Millenary has a strong presence on the wrist!

I was seduced by the new collection… but also by the Ladies who wore these watches during the event organized in Paris to launch them!

Because, coming back to my first words, the organization of the event went beyond my expectations… and my expectations are usually very high when it comes to a party organized by Audemars Piguet.

Stars, Glamour, gorgeous Ladies, superb watches and a fun and relaxed atmosphere, we had all the ingredients for a successful evening! And of course, the right context to launch a Ladies watches collection!

I propose you to browse some pictures I took during the event:

The event took place at The Carreau du Temple, a former covered market:

Very quickly, I could spot a wide sample of Audemars Piguet watches on the wrists!

With my friend Kristian Haagen… it is not an Audemars… but it is a Genta watch!

A rare Royal Oak Chronograph Dubail and its typical indexes:

The traveler watch!

My Royal Oak Chronograph Italy:



… or Black… the Royak Oak design work with any color!

Tim Sayler, Anggun and François-Henry Bennahmias:

The privilege to be the CEO of Audemars Piguet:

With Audrey Tautou… yes, even Amélie was there!

David von Gunten, Michelle Reis, Audrey Tautou and François-Henry Bennahmias:

Michelle Reis:

Mademoiselle Agnès and Karine Viard:

What a surprise! Our most famous singer… Johnny Hallyday and his wife, Laeticia:

Johnny Hallyday and Laeticia:

François-Henry Bennahmias with Spanish Supermodel Nieves Alvares:

Tim Sayler with Anouck Lepère, the image of the new Millenary collection:

Anouck Lepère:


Swiss actor Vincent Perez, his wife Karine Silla and François-Henry Bennahmias:

François-Henry Bennahmias with French actress Mélanie Thierry and her boyfriend, the French singer Raphaël:

Freida Pinto:

I was in good company with François-Henry Bennahmias and Antonio Seward:

Freida Pinto and Nieves Alvarez:

With Nieves Alvarez. It reminds me the good times when I was running websites dedicated to Spanish Supermodels.

François-Henry Bennahmias tries to sell a watch to French actor Omar Sy… but he is already an Audemars Piguet client! And as he said to FHB, remove the DE in Audemars and you get Aumars Piguet!  If he becomes the largest client in the world, maybe the name change would become an option! wink

Dinner is ready!

Well… almost! We just needed to find our seats! With more than 200 guests, it was not easy! Fortunately, we were guided by lovely hostesses:

What a wonderful surprise! The dinner was prepared by Hélène Darroze (she’s from my region!) and her team:

François-Henry Bennahmias did a short speech to make the dinner start:

Fresh Almonds with Lobster:

Lamb from the Pyrénées:

Lime and passion fruit parfait with chocolate:

And then… the new watch was displayed on the screen and the movie started.

And when the screen went up… the band which did the music of the movie played live! Congrats to “She Keeps Bees” for the show!

It was, as you can see it, an amazing event. But in any Audemars Piguet event, there is a tradition. We all have to do the “AP move” because at AP, it is always fun and relaxed… I tried to do the AP move with the lovely Chinese journalist seated on my right but the best guy was without any doubt Omar Sy!

A perfect summary of the atmosphere of this evening!

I would like to thank a lot the Audemars Piguet team for the perfect organization, especially the team in France. And obviously, I wish the best for the new Ladies Millenary collection because it deserves it!


This message has been edited by foversta on 2015-07-07 14:10:35 Best ChristianNo message bodyIt looked it has been quite fun an evening and your report is really helping feeling it that way.

Thanks a lot for shring Fx and your watch is really looking nice from all the pics I could see on the forum yet.

Cheers, Mark

Btw, more event pictures can be found in AP’s official press release in our News Central forum here: