July 19, 2024

I somehow posted this request in the middle of an existing thread about the Royal Oak.

I recently purchased what I believed to be a late 70s TV screen white gold, copper sunburst dial with diamond markers, white gold case and was seeking information pertinent to this new addition. I have since heard back from a very helpful gent at AP and he confirms the following details.
Calibre 2121 (date window ) , automatic movement, white gold case originally had an integral white gold bracelet, copper sunburst dial with diamond markers. The watch was sold in 1970.
From what I think I have read this movement didn’t officially appear until 1972 so somebody has got their facts wrong or I have failed to understand what I have read.
I would still be grateful for anything useful which you may be able to add.

If the information was given to you directly from AP, I think you can trust it.