April 16, 2024

Hello, this is my first post.  I just purchased a beautiful brand new 15202.  I notice a light clicking sound each time I wind the crown.  Is this characteristic of this movement?  I am hoping some other 15202 owners would be able help.  Many thanks!  Domenick



Congratulations on your 15202. Great choice if I do say so myself!

Sounds fine.  Mine clicks too.



less than 2 weeks old. Yes, there’s a click when winding.
Best, Kari
and congratulations – 15202 is really a fantastic watch and I love it more and more, day after day.
I also have a 15202, and as the others have mentioned, the sound is normal.
I look forward to a nice wrist shot when you get to it!
Best regards,MichaelThank you all for the warm welcome!  Here are a few wrist shots from today.  Happy to be here!

I don’t have an AP so I don’t know the click sound but I believe you got your answer smileJust wanted to congratulate you on having this fantastic Royal Oak! The most iconic in their modern collection IMHO smile
Your photos are great! Thanks for sharing smile
Enjoy your 15202! 
and I find it sweet smile
Mine says Hi! 

No message bodyThanks to all who replied!  I am enjoying this watch a lot.  I also have a blue dial 15400 & black 26320.  Now they feel too heavy.  I going to explore strap options for the 26320.I have an older Royal Oak Chronograph (in the smaller 39mm case) and find it to be a wonderful change of pace to the 15202.The RO chronographs look great.  I keep thinking that I should have gone for a 26300 though.  The 26320 case and bracelet are heavy so hopefully a strap will help make it more comfortable to wear.  I wore 44-47mm Panerai’s for almost fourteen years and I think I finally found my comfort zone at 39-40mm.  The 15202 is just perfect!

Like you, I have found 39-40mm ideal for me.  I have one Panerai I wear, and it is the 47mm PAM372.  I have a flat wrist, and so it sits comfortably.
BUT, you start wearing an Audemars Piguet 15202 Royal Oak for a while, and you realize it is perfect on your wrist.  The 39mm Royal Oak Chronograph is just about as nice for my tastes, but a little thicker.  Mine is on a strap and I really enjoy it.  I have tried on a 26320 and it does look a bit large for me.
In seems to be quite perfect on your wrist smileI had a 372.  Beautiful dial and sometimes I miss the plexiglass.and that’s probably why its at the AP repair shop now….