July 20, 2024

Hi guys!Have a question about AP RO 15400 Blue Dial!Is it still available for order?Because in Russia no possible to order and buy it….My friend asked in boutique in Milan and there they said that this model is already out of making.Does anybody know something?Thank you!P.S. Sorry for my English)))

Can’t imagine why that would be true, given the rather recent release of this model. 

I was in my local AP boutique on Saturday and they indeed told me that:

– the blue dial 15400st is now (and forever) out of production, they are only selling out the little stock that remains (at the usual strict no discount basis)

– AP will come out soon (maybe at Basel…) with new “platinum and/or (?)  white gold ” version of the 15400, and the blue dial will be reserved for these going forward…

So lucky -lucky  owners of the 15400st blue dial….it has been produced for two years only as a boutique only piece…probably about 1000 pieces out there….i see this becoming quite a collector piece…