July 13, 2024

This may not be everybodys cup of tea, being a 36 RO and all. BUT I absolutely love this watch, everything about it!The size is great at 36, the dial is stunning, and the overall feel of it on is unmatched.This is the AP Royal Oak Ref. 25594SA. A weekday giving, day of the month toting, moonphase showing, and angelically glowing, steel and gold beauty of a watch.I know its just one photo but enjoy smile
Regards,Dylan T. Dutson

Let the snobs speak, and enjoy what you like. After all, you are the one to wear it!



No message bodyand it looks great on your wrist. ROs of 36mm wears like watches at 39mm. They have a nice wrist presence and don’t look small at all smile
Most importantly you enjoy this watch and share here with us. That’s the PuristS spirit ! 

I think watch manufacturers are having a field day with this big watch craze. Generally, I think it is easier to make a larger watch with bigger parts than vice versa, all things being equal.



Choose the one that speaks to you.  This board would be pretty damn boring if everyone like the same watch.  I think all Royal Oaks are very cool and special in their own way.
JerryWand so did GG himself! 
Great watch, thanks for sharing. 
Cheers, MattHello there, cousin smile