April 16, 2024

Yes…. I know some of you are still mired in the snow.. heck it’s even Snowing in Catalunya (Spain)!!
 But here in Rome the sun has come out, and of course i had to take some photos… 
HAGWE everybody,
Here’s another Roman icon… love these Fiats!!

Crisp winter morning!!! Beautiful day ahead!!

No message bodyNo message bodyan Espresso, at least smile

smileJust coincidentally I took this shot this morning for a friend of mine… Although you can’t see, I ask the barista to put some ‘crema di caffè’ (which is like frothed milk for macchiato, but based on sugar and coffee only) into the cup before they shoot the espresso in it.. just a tad to break the bitterness, and it’s amazing!!

one of these.

But at least I have Italian tools (grinder, espresso machine …) to do it here as well …


No message bodyHAGWE Ancienne Le Brassus!
-MWNo message bodyThe 3rd picture is fantastic smile

Cheers, Mark
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I only wish to see it on my wrist.  ;0 )

Enjoy the sun and that beautiful Jubilee.


And it has become a staple of our forum!
We all enjoy seeing the salmon here smileCan’t see the color of the dial… but the building in the background makes up for it wink
Thanks for your comments all! Much appreciated!!!!HAGWE,S

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