July 25, 2024

Dear Community,
I would like to gladly introduce you her Majesty, the one and only Royal Oak!

As the message title already said, it is my very first AP, and as you obviously see, the Reference is the famous 15300st.
I always want a classical Royal Oak with a black trapesserie dial, now here it is!

I like the 15300 far better as the 15400, for many reasons:
– the bigger AP Logo at 12
– the spare space without the index at 3, just beside of the date
– the whole size of the watch and therefore the proportions
– the beautiful movement suits better for the smaller case.
The watch itself is a beauty. I like the razor sharp edges, the brushed and polished lines, the 3120 Movement is a real dream to die for! And it is very, very accurate, I couldn’t mess a second difference on my wrist after 24 hours!Of course the Jumbo is a real purists watch, but its movement derivated from Jlc and I like to test the accuracy of my watches, which is very hard without a second counter.
This beauty queen has just arrived to me and I was so excited before it came, that I hardly can sleep! I didn’t feel the same for long time!Here are some other pictures, which were taken – as all the previous as well – by my beloved friend and watchmaker/dealer, Michael Uphoff, who sold the watch for me! All of the pictures are shown with the courtesy of Michael!

And, last but not least, here is a wristshot, which was taken by myself:

I have only one problem with AP: a Royal Oak is not enough! There are the Divers and the Offshores, and, of course, the Jumbos as well! smile
Many thanks for your attention!
Cheers and HAGWE,

I love ROs and especially the 39mm ones.

You chose what you liked and , yes, we can imagine the excitation before getting delivery of this beautyful watch: a rare feeling.

Wear it in the best of health and thanks for the very nice pictures!

Cheers, Mark
No message bodyI LOVED my 15300 but eventually sold it for the 15400. 
However, I noticed that screws on your bezel are not aligned!!!All must stay in the same way? Or why?
I am curious!Should be as below:

I agree with you about 15300 vs. 15400.

You made the right choice, and it’s a great piece. Enjoy it !



No message bodyWhen we see bezel bolts oriented in that manner, we assume someone with no idea about Audemars Piguet opened it up. So we should also expect that whoever did that also did not have the proper OEM seals to put it back together. I would absolutely not get the watch wet, and take it to an AP service center for a look over. Given when the 15300s were made, you could have a movement service at the same time.
The 15300 is a superb reference; it is too painful to see it look like that, so I shall look forward to follow up photos smile

But the bezel screws are a bit off. This is quite common when a Royal Oak has been serviced by a careless person.

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