May 23, 2024

Here is my inaugural effort to contribute pictures to a forum that I enjoy daily.
The bezel is what sold me on this model. 
When the light hits the brushed edges of the bezel, set against the polished screw heads and bead blasted recessed portions of the bezel, I just get lost in the beauty of this work of art.
Any other Gentlemen Driver fans out there?
I am happy you have added some photos to the forum!  
The Gentlemen’s Driver remains a very unique AP.  Obviously, the bezel adds some wonderful detail to this watch.  I really like the tach ring too.
I never understood why AP elected to color the sub seconds counter and minute counter w/ the orange ring; I think it would make more sense if the hour counter had the orange ring around it instead of the sub seconds.  But it is quite striking as is.
I am placing one of your photos as the new AP Masthead – congratulations!Your Drivers makes me think about the Tour Auto watch.

The Drivers:

Thanks for your nice pics and welcome to the forum!


This message has been edited by foversta on 2015-03-08 10:17:52 I published previously the picture of the Drivers Watch, here comes the Tour Auto One:

And for the differences between both, follow the link:



That bezel is definitely a design feature that stands out, wear it in the best of health gworchell!  Have you had it for awhile or did you just get it?
-MWI remember seeing this one for the first time in 2010, I was stunned by its beauty!Looks great, I like the bezel and the alternating brushed and bead blasted areas.