April 16, 2024

I picked up a 15400 boutique edition last year. The watch, as is the normal case, rotates with the rest of my modest collection. I love the look and feel of the watch.
I have, however, noted that when I wear the watch afresh after a few weeks  and upon due winding, setting the time & date etc, the watch has a tendency of stopping after a couple of hours. On checking the watch, I note it is fully wound up and after resetting the time, it works okay.
Also, I note that the stem has a slight wobble/play when it is at the extended position and this does not appear to be normal.
As the watch is still under AP warranty, should I send it for a check up?
Appreciate your opinions on the subject & thank you in advance for the same.

I’m more concerned about why it stops after a few hours, then restarts after you pull the crown and reset it.  You’re still under warranty, definitely have AP look it over and describe in detail what the issues are.
Please keep us posted with what you discover.