May 26, 2024

Hi All,
Need your opinion on this issue I have encountered now for the 3rd time with my own AP roo’s with the 3126 movement. 
I recently noticed my schumi Titanium which I recently bought (and you’ve all seen the beautiful pics of it in another post ) and which is still under warranty stopped working when I left it on my winder only after 3-4 hours so I brought it down the next day morning to my ap service Center in singapore .
They tested the amplitude and found it to be weak. 
I heard from my other friends who are ap owners and they feed-backed to me that this is a common issue. As a serious and avid support of AP over the last 5 years since I started collecting luxury watches i have encountered this situation personally about 3 times and all with roo’s I’ve owned with 3126 movement. These don’t include the ones that my friends whose ap roo’s stop working. That would probably bring up the number closer to 20 or so over the past 5 years. Bear in mind these are all AP roo’s that were under warranty which makes it even more surprising because I would believe that as part of the AP quality control process , these watch should be fuss / problem free for at least 3-5 years before stuff starts to give problems or things needing an overhaul. That’s the least you would expect from a luxury brand and especially a brand as esteemed and highly regarded as AP in Horology. 
However I am kind of disappointed obviously because it’s now happened to me again and unfortunately I know I’m going to have to wait a couple of months or more to see my beloved schumi back on my wrist while I “cold-Turkey” and wait for it to return. 
I can only hope and pray on a “guardian angel” to save me from my plight and restore all my faith in this brand that I love and Adore . 
Unless of course, Any of you fellas have suggestions on who I could talk to get this expedited or resolved ?
It would be very very much appreciated fellas !
Cheers!Nop I feel your pain, and from reading the issues others are experiencing, I am kind of glad I didn’t purchase the RO 37mm.Good luck!!It is really unlucky for you that you have had the same problem on (3) 3126 powered Offshores.  I have never experienced it on 10 +/-.  Coupled with the other 20 Offshores you know of with problems, you sure have a lot of reason to lose faith.
I interact with many AP friends off the forum, and have never had one mention this issue.
AP service centers are first class.  They will correct your problem.Yes Michael I’m not sure if it’s denial but I accept that these things can happen , but when I do I certainly expect a fast response and resolution to the problem as the customer should definitely not have to be burdened by this fault. I hope that this can be resolved very soon. Even an ardent fan can eventually become jaded as well . *fingers-crossed*I am fortunate to never have required AP service for a mechanical problem.  I have owned AP continuously since 2001, and that covers a few handfuls of different watches.
Keep us posted please.