May 23, 2024

Hi, anyone has any experience with this model? Do they use in-house movement on this model? Thanks.Yes, I have held it a few times.  And it does use AP’s in house caliber 3120 automatic movement.
I can tell you it is a wonderfully proportioned watch.  I certainly prefer it to the 41mm 15400.  On my wrist, 39mm works best, so I am lucky that the 15202 is perfect for me.  But outside of that model, if I had to go up or down in size, I would select the 37mm.Hi do you have a pic of the watch?  Is it current or vintage like the Ref:4100 or the Ref:14790?
good size for small wristed gentlemen like me as well as for ladies. I can’t wear the 39mm RO let alone the 41 mm version.
Even though it measures only 37mm it wears and looks like a 39mm watch IMHO
Here is a pic of the pink gold black dial version.There is also a silver dial steel version.

Fits comfortably and really suits those of us with the smaller wrists. You should be able to dig up some postings that I’ve put up including one today. My wrist is a little under 7 inches.

And yes the movement is the 3120 which is a beauty in its own right.