June 23, 2024

hi All,
Maybe this have been discussed before, but can some one let me know the difference between 26022 and 25960 rose gold version?  
From what I can see it looks the same and just one with leather strap and one with rose gold bracelet.
Many thanks,EricI enjoyed the last round of 39mm pink gold cased ROC dials.  The bracelet version is a stout fellow for sure.
Considering one of these 2 pieces?hi Michael, 
I’m thinking about the leather strap 26022 but not sure if there are any differences in mechanical parts.  Any suggestions?
Thanks,EricBest supported by owning a 26022BC w/ the older white dial.
I enjoy the added weight of the watch, and it looks great on the strap.  I’ll be adding some new photos and thoughts on mine in a few days.

The difference is in the case construction. The 25960 uses the older style construction, where the hex screws and nuts are decorative rather than functional.  On the 26022 they extend through the entirety of the case.

on the steel Royal Oak Chronos.  On the precious metals, there are 26022s w/ the older case construction.
I’ll see if I can dig up some additional information.My understanding was the same as yours,
but I recently asked a very similar question on TZ and I was told that reference 26xxx
denotes the new case.