July 20, 2024

After a week of wearing a watch with a moon phase complication, it is nice to come back to a “simple” watch. Wears comfortably and just superb for all occasions, business meetings, evening with buddies at the pub. Perfect! 
Time to wrap up some work and enjoy my coffee now. 

Hi Richard,

I’m surprised I noticed I really wanted complicated watches at the beginning and that I now tend to appreciate comfort, lighness or simplicity more and more.

Very nice shot smile

Cheers, Mark
that’s fully understandable. I encountered “chronograph fatigue” sometime back, and while I used to love them, I only have one chronograph now. All the rest have been let go. 
Thanks for the nice comments!
Just look at Dufour lol

I love your collection Richard. You have nice complications and some nice simple watches too

Heavenly combination for rotation smile

Robinlike the Dufour! I would be happy with that for certain but I don’t think I would be privileged enough to own one smile
Thanks for the compliments, my friend. You have some in your collection that I highly desire as you know…so if you ever get tired of that Traditionelle…. 😉