April 21, 2024

Hi all,
I came across this beautiful 26400 SO last week. Tried it on & love it so much! However, I noticed the date dial seems to be different from the earlier model. Picture on the left was taken from early post of the 26400SO ( I believe when it was first released). Picture on the right was taken by me with an I series 26400SO. It seems like the date dials are not the same. Older one with silver ( chrome) smooth ring under the dial. Newer one with darker round & showing some jagged edges from the grand tapisserie. Anyone has information about this??? Can any owner of 26400SO check please???thx in advance!

And I think it is just that – a product of the press photos.  I like it much more the way the artwork shows it, but in reality it is not like that.
We see this discrepancy on other models too.  The press photos for the new 42mm Royal Oak Offshore blue dial watch make the blue color look vastly different than it actually is.  Another pity, because the blue in the press photos is unique and stunning, and if that were the true color I would buy one.
Yesterday, I visited the AP website and the new Ladies Millenary models are front and center and now appear to have a galvanized movement finish.  Looks great!  But of course, they do not.

Hi Michael! Thanks! This is what I was thinking too. Also I think the angle & lighting do affect the outcome of how the actual date window look as well! I noticed on the 26400, it does have a metal ring on the date window like the official picture. Just when under different angle & lighting, the color appears to be different like the subdial of my date day!!! Anyway, thanks again!!! Have a great weekend!!!