May 23, 2024

I have always been able to feel it on my wrist, every time I wear an Audemars Piguet watch.  Now I can see it too smile

I almost bought the steel version when this watch first came out a few years back. I have always known I would buy one. I finally elected for the gold version and ordered it some time ago.
I had the steel version on my shopping list till I got my two failure Royal Oaks. But you got a beautiful watch.
Best, KariAnd hope this AP performs like every other I have tried.
But you understand, I’m sure.congrats Michael.  it’s a gorgeous piece.  Regardless of steel or gold, it’s a very photogenic.  Wow, it is easy to make an argument for either version.  I opted for the gold for a few key reasons, but the steel is equally as impressive.Looking for an in depth report and more pics !!!!!
A report long term, for sure.An amazing timepiece!! Really happy for you my friend!! now you need to post more pictures of this beauty!!
Ernesto. It has been in the works, as you know.  Definitely worth the wait.  More pics soon, Boss.I absolutely love this watch, the rose is just stunning (I don’t need to even mention the dial!)Congrats Michael, glad you managed to scoop it up! 
Cheers, ImranI tend to wait a little while before posting a report, to really let it sink in. I’m afraid I would lose respect around here if I post about it now, because it will be full of praise and drool!
I expect my feelings for this one to deepen over time, I got it to be a lifer.  Can’t argue with this one smile


Andy.Truth be told, I was so close to getting one of the very first US delivered steel pieces when they started to trickle out years ago.  It did not happen as the timing was not good for me, but I always knew one day it would happen.If so, bingo! Always wanted to see this RG model on a black leather strap. If not, it’s still unquestionably beautiful. Congratulations and, like everybody else, I look forward to more pictures. smilebut within a few minutes of de-plasticking the watch (I wish I could have contained my excitement, it could be a great post to see how intricate the plastic wrap on a sealed AP is!), I held my black ROC rubber strap against it… looks to be a perfect fit.  I have long wondered about this gold head on a rubber strap.  And on top of that, my 26022 came on a black croco w/ dark grey stitching.  So it looks like I will have a few nice options.