April 15, 2024

Hi guys,
I just took my RO ref. 15400 out of the safe after a two week hiatus and after setting the time in my usual manner (past midnight for date change and then pass mid-day before setting the date), I pushed the crown back to the first position and lo and behold, the date wheel does not change when I turn the crown 🙁
I tried a few times to push the crown back to position zero, and then out to position 1 to try setting the date again but it doesn’t work. If I pull the crown to position 2 and turn the hands past midnight, the date changes without any issues but I cannot manually set the date.
This is not good news for a new AP owner like me – especially since the watch is relatively young (less than 18 months old) and it’s not my daily beater. I’ve always thought that the calibre 3120 was as robust a movement as it gets, but this experience has proven otherwise. In comparison, my IWC Ingenieur with reference 80110 has been beating non-stop for the past 4 years without any issues and it definitely gets more abuse compared to my RO.
Has anyone else experienced this issue before? I’ll be sending the watch to the authorised service centre this weekend but thought I’d check with other owners first.
Look forward to hearing from you and best regards,
RayToo bad your first post has to be about a negative experience.
Did you purchase the watch direct from an authorized dealer?  I’m sure they will assist you in sending the watch to AP to have it fixed.  At 18 months you are still under factory warranty.  AP will correct the problem.